KCP&L and Westar Energy, Evergy companies Tips of the Trade

Operate Smart, Operate Safely

Call 811. Know what's below. Call before you dig.
Or call KCP&L and Westar Energy, Evergy companies at
800-383-1183 to reach
the utility locator service.

For emergencies,
call 911 and KCP&L and Westar Energy, Evergy companies
at 800-383-1183.

Overhead and Underground Safety Practices

Utility contacts can be costly—and deadly. Implementing the simple steps outlined below can help you and your crew work safely around electric utilities.

Look Up and Live

  • Examine the site for overhead lines, especially those that may be blocked from view.
  • Mark a safety boundary to keep workers and equipment a safe distance from power lines. Consult KCP&L and Westar Energy, Evergy companies or www.osha.gov for specific clearance requirements.
  • Use a spotter whose only job is to watch your equipment and make sure you maintain the mandatory clearances.
  • Carry long equipment parallel to the ground until you’re ready to use it. Always stay the required distance away from power lines.

Dig Safely

Would You Like to Know More?

Additional digging and overhead guidelines, case studies, instructional videos, and training tools can all be found, at no charge to you, on KCP&L and Westar Energy, Evergy companies’s e-SMARTworkers website.

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For more contractor safety information,
visit westarsafety.com/contractors.